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How to download after payment?

After the purchase is successful, we will send you the download link and password of the product, you can save and download it yourself

What should I do if I don't receive the download address?

Because it is automatic delivery, there may be errors. You can contact us by email, and we will send you the download link and password of the product by email (please attach a screenshot of the successful payment when sending the email)

What are the payment methods?

We pay by paypal, very fast and convenient.

How often will it be updated?

We will update the product in about 7-15 days. After a single product is
successfully purchased, we will not only send the product download
link, but also send my WhatsApp account. Follow our whatsAPP account to
check product updates in real time. All updated products will be
publicly available for free to our Telegram members

Can I still get a refund after purchasing?

We are virtual products and cannot be refunded after successful purchase.

Can a purchased product be downloaded multiple times?

Every once in a while, we will update the product. After purchasing the product, please download and save it within 7 days. After the time has passed, it cannot be downloaded and will not be refunded.